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About Us

Owner of maxtondesign.eu webstore is a company Maxton s.c. Company specializes in designing and manufacturing car tuning elements. Maxton was founded in year 2004 and since 2006 we are building our own brand MAXTONDESIGN - which operates in the field of marketing their own products. Our mission is to creating unique products, manufactured from high quality materials. We have in our offer different designs of bumpers, side skirts and spoilers, which designs are legally protected throughout Europe.

We own TÜV certificate for Management System as per German and International Road Traffic Laws. All our products have TÜV certificate for material and selected products also TÜV certificate for product.
We produce all elements from high quality materials from known manufacturers from whole Europe. We use technology of manual laminating and automatic laminating with help of spray machines. We also develop production in ABS plastic technology.

We are consistently realizing our targets and working on achieving significant position on car tuning market. Our targets are customer's satisfaction and creating tuning brand recognizable all over Europe.
Our company supplies products to over 25 european countries. To ensure fast and safe transportation of goods to customers, we work only with trustworthy courier and transport companies.
A big advantage is possibility of contacting our company in four languages: English, German, French and Polish.

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