Welcome to Maxton Design webstore. We invite you to buying from over 2000 car tuning articles in our store.
Due to a large quantity of orders the waiting


We supply our products to over 25 european countries.
We are realizing orders from Monday to Friday, and we will be answering your questions in the same days from 8 to 16 o’clock.
Dispatch of the goods begins usually till 1 week after enter payment to our account.
If we don't have some item on stock, than delivery time can be between 7 and 15 working days.
To ensure fast and safe transportation of goods to customers, we work only with trustworthy courier and transport companies.
The goods are packed professionally and carefully.
We are not responsible for eventual damages done during transport.
All products are professionally packed and checked before shipment, so before you sign receipt of the goods, please check the packages in collection if they are not damaged.
Because transport company is responsible for occurrence of damages during transport, all possible damages should be reported to courier.
He is obliged to note all damages on copy of confirmation of delivery the goods and you should write claim for all damages, otherwise we couldn’t make claim against transport company.

How are calculated shipping costs ?

Cost of transport the goods depend from : size, weight and country where the goods should be delivered.

Each product is assigned to one of categories depending from requirements of transport companies:

By buying more than one product, total cost of transport is calculated according to table below:

front bumper spoiler (category 3) + side skirts (category 2) = category 5

front bumper spoiler and side skirts (category 5) + rear bumper extension (category 3) = category 5

Shipping costs in Euro:

? - Please contact customer support to get information about cost of transport.
X - Delivery impossible